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June 2018,

Vietnam’s Capital City, Hanoi Property Seminar

In recent years, the economy of Hanoi, Vietnam, outperformed and its GDP soared above the rest of the country, attracting a number of international corporate and investors into the country’s business sectors. In all, the property market is favored among international investors. The government’s redevelopments with ongoing infrastructure initiatives including […]

May 2018,


Ho Chi Minh City is the center of the rapid development and economic growth of Vietnam. As overseas investors flock to the city, its financial district, CBD, is expanding rapidly into its neighbor of District 4. The continuous commercial and residential developments, and District 4’s upcoming mega renewal plan, will soon have the property value of […]

May 2018,

Investing in Central Pattaya Seminar

Pattaya is not only renowned for its majestic seascape and a vibrant lifestyle, the city will soon be connected to Bangkok by a high-speed rail to increase its livelihood and economic growth. The manufacturing sector and property value of Pattaya are forecasted to boom. Properties developed in prime location, are […]

April 2018,

Sansiri’s Hua Hin Project Launch– La Casita

Tourism from Bangkok and Chiang Mai and now, including Hua Hin, are major economic contributors to Thailand. Infrastructure initiatives including light rail and freeway construction and direct flights to Hua Hin, will create a soaring tourism boom. With a high demand for housing in prime locations in the city center, housing […]