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March 2018,

Vietnam Capital City Hanoi Property Seminar

Vietnam’s property market continues to prosper with capital injection from foreign corporations, remaking of Nam Từ Liêm into a CBD, expansion of the airport, and infrastructure building. Investors have placed their attention into the quality property market that Vietnam now offers. Golden Emperor Properties hosted the ‘Vietnam’s Capital City Hanoi Property Seminar’ over the […]

March 2018,

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Elevated Luxury Villa Seminar

Recent ASEAN development has unlocked a rapid growth of its regional countries with Vietnam advancing compared to the rest of the region. As a nation-wide pillar, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) benefits from a thriving economy, supported by a flourishing sector of manufacturing businesses. The government’s foreign investment policies have warmed up […]

March 2018,

Insights into Manchester’s Property Market Seminar

With the ambitious ‘Northern Powerhouse’ initiative and the preexisting foundation of a manufacturing industry, Manchester is set to grow faster than anywhere else in Britain in its economy. As the second largest city in the United Kingdom, its property prices are lagging behind compared to sister cities, suggesting a large […]

February 2018,

England’s Most Potential City. Insights into Manchester’s CBD Property Market Seminar.

England’s second largest city, Manchester, is gaining popularity within the international investment industry and is excelling in its property market, advancing well past the country’s capital city, London. The city is prevalent with its manufacturing industry and economical market. On the other hand, the UK government’s Northern Powerhouse proposal has […]