Bangkok Property Investments

September 18, 2017 Published by: Golden Emperor

Golden Emperor partnered with renowned developer, Sansiri, to launch the first Bangkok’s residential property project, Taka Haus, a joint venture between Sansiri and Tokyu Corporation. The property is located in the most prosperous area in Ekamai, employing Japanese design concept and low-rise architecture idea. Possessing great investment potential, the project was launched first time worldwide at our exhibition and seminar, our event was attracting about 700 customers attended over the weekend.


2017_09_16 Ekamai-68

2017_09_16 Ekamai-65
Above: Around 700 customers attended the weekend exhibition.

2017_09_16 Ekamai-52
Above: Terence Chan, Director of Golden Emperor, provided a presentation on investing in Bangkok.

2017_09_16 Ekamai-58

2017_09_16 Ekamai-82

2017_09_16 Ekamai-84
Above: Sansiri & Tokyu’s latest property project from Bangkok, taka HAUS also be featured at this event.

2017_09_16 Ekamai-15

2017_09_16 Ekamai-29
Above: Our clients in Hong Kong had exclusive offer during the event.

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