Sansiri’s Hua Hin Project Launch– La Casita

April 23, 2018 Published by: Golden Emperor

Tourism from Bangkok and Chiang Mai and now, including Hua Hin, are major economic contributors to Thailand. Infrastructure initiatives including light rail and freeway construction and direct flights to Hua Hin, will create a soaring tourism boom. With a high demand for housing in prime locations in the city center, housing prices are expected to increase. Condominiums in Hua Hin’s city center are capturing the attention of foreign investors. Golden Emperor Properties hosted a seminar the past weekend to launch Sansiri’s freehold condominium project, La Casita, which has gained popularity among investors in Hong Kong and China. The seminar attracted over 700 attendees and many units were sold at the event.


2018_04_21 Hua HIn -63
Photo Above: Mr. Terence Chan of Golden Emperor Properties, discussed the market trend of Hua Hin.

2018_04_21 Hua HIn -57
Photo Above: Golden Emperor’s Seminar over the weekend, attracted over 700 attendees.

2018_04_21 Hua HIn -9

2018_04_21 Hua HIn -5

2018_04_21 Hua HIn -81
Photo Above: Many attendees chose their desired units for investment and self-use.

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