Tokyo Property Investment Seminar

August 8, 2017 Published by: Golden Emperor

The economy of Japan is already boosting, together with the Tokyo Olympics Game 2020, numerous high speed rails connecting the districts, expansion of the airport, and the planning of building a casino, the now stable property price is vowed to skyrocket. Golden Emperor held a seminar, in which, professionals made an in-depth analysis on the current property market and share insights into investment. HY’s Crecer, a quality residential project was launched at the same time. The property is located at the prime location of Tokyo, adjacent to the CBD, and only takes 3 to 5 stops to reach the business hub or trending hot spots, this event attracted many investors.


2017_08_05 Tokyo-27

2017_08_05 Tokyo-57
Above: Many investors attended the weekend exhibition.

2017_08_05 Tokyo-42
Above: Terence Chan, Director of Golden Emperor, provided a presentation on investing in Tokyo.

2017_08_05 Tokyo-67

2017_08_05 Tokyo-79
Above: A latest property project from Tokyo, the HY’s Crecer also be featured at this event.

2017_08_05 Tokyo-5

2017_08_05 Tokyo-74
Above: Our clients in Hong Kong had first pick of units.