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    England’s Most Potential City. Insights into Manchester’s CBD Property Market Seminar.

    England’s second largest city, Manchester, is gaining popularity within the international investment industry and is excelling in its property market, advancing well past the country’s capital city, London. The city is prevalent with its manufacturing industry and economical market. On the other hand, the UK government’s Northern Powerhouse proposal has further contributed to the economic growth of the city and resulted in an upsurge in the city’s population. The proposal has moreover driven up the city’s property sales and rental market.

    The past weekend, Golden Emperor Properties hosted a Manchester CBD Property Investment Seminar. The two-day seminar reached an attendance of over 300 investors. Origins Home Exchange Point, a residential property adjoining the city’s shopping district and CBD, was showcased at the seminar, which was an immense success, as a large portion of the development were sold during the event.

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    Above: Terrace Chan, Managing Director of Golden Emperor Properties, comprehensively discussed the property market trend and potential of Manchester city.

    2018_02_03_Exchange Point-3

    2018_02_03_Exchange Point-45

    Above: Clients actively participated in the seminar and purchased their desired property.

    2018_02_03_Exchange Point-44

    2018_02_03_Exchange Point-50

    2018_02_03_Exchange Point-101
    Above: The two-day event was a success, having over 300 attendees.

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