Brisbane Investment Seminar

August 28, 2017 Published by: Golden Emperor

Properties in Brisbane has been a favorite for overseas investors recently, mainly because there will be an upscale “makeover” of its CBD: a AUD30B-worth Queen Wharf project including a casino will make the place a tourist attraction, which will totally stimulate its economic growth and tourism. Golden Emperor held a seminar, in which, professionals made an in-depth analysis on property investment in Brisbane. Obsidian a quality residential project was launched at the same time. The property is developed by the prestigious developer, Kokoda, and is located at Milton which is well-known as the “Little Paris.” It is adjacent to the CBD and is in close proximity to the Queen Wharf big project, the seminar attracting about 300 customers attended over the weekend.


2017_08_26 Brisbane_-42

2017_08_26 Brisbane_-57
Above: Around 300 customers attended the weekend exhibition.

2017_08_26 Brisbane_-69
Above: Cubie Chan, Project Director of Golden Emperor, provided a presentation on Brisbane property market.

2017_08_26 Brisbane_-71

2017_08_26 Brisbane_-77
Above: Kokoda’s latest property project from Brisbane, Obsidian also be featured at this event.

2017_08_26 Brisbane_-36

2017_08_26 Brisbane_-21