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    World University Rankings Put Oxford No. 1 But China Is The Real Winner As U.S. Declines

    Oxford has been named the world’s best university for the fifth year in a row – but China is the real winner in today’s global rankings.

    And while U.S. universities strengthen their grip on the global top 10, this masks a long-term decline among mid-rank institutions, which are fast losing their advantage over their counterparts, particularly in Asia.

    Today’s World University Rankings show that Oxford has held onto the top spot for the fifth year running, threatening to turn one of the most eagerly anticipated events of the higher education calendar into a procession.

    Oxford also has the satisfaction of seeing Cambridge slip to 6th, its lowest position since 2014.

    But these two rivals are the only non-American institutions in the top 10, as the U.S. claims a record eight of the best 10 universities, according to Times Higher Education, who put together one of three most widely-viewed university rankings.

    (One of the others, the QS rankings, have Massachusetts Institute of Technology at #1, although the U.S. has only five of the top 10 spots, while the Academic Ranking of World Universities has Harvard at #1, with the U.S. taking eight of the top 10).

    The full top 10 in the Times Higher Education version (with last year’s position in brackets) is:

    1 (1) Oxford University (U.K.)

    2 (4) Stanford University (U.S.)

    3 (7) Harvard University (U.S.)

    4 (2) California Institute of Technology (U.S.)

    5 (5) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (U.S.)

    6 (3) Cambridge University (U.K.)

    7 (13) University of California, Berkeley (U.S.)

    8 (8) Yale University (U.S.)

    9 (6) Princeton University (U.S.)

    10 (9) University of Chicago (U.S.)

    Source : Forbes