In recent years, Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City has made an impression in the international market economy. In the past year, it triumphed over its economical competitors and was listed as one of WEF’s top 10 most liveliest cities in the world. Following the government’s activeness with infrastructure development, this lively city has brought much attention to itself in the property investment market. This includes the newly urbanizing business center of Thu Thiem, destined to be redeveloped into the next ‘West Kowloon.’ The development has become a major target for local and overseas investors alike.  Past weekend, Golden Emperor Properties hosted the ‘New Investment Opportunities in HCMC, Vietnam’s Property Investment Seminar’ over two consecutive days, attracting many investors to attend. The seminar, for the first time, launched a new residential development, ‘New City Thu Thiem,’ which was a phenomenal success.


2018_01_27 New City -61
Above: Terence Chan, the Managing Director of Golden Emperor Properties shares insights of the property development and investment trend of Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh.

2018_01_27 New City -3

2018_01_27 New City -106

2018_01_27 New City -103

2018_01_27 New City -112
Above: Attendees, including clients and investors discuss and chose their desired properties.

2018_01_27 New City -83

Above: The Seminar, which was held for two consecutive days, attracted many investors to attend.

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