Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Elevated Luxury Villa Seminar

March 12, 2018 Published by: Golden Emperor

Recent ASEAN development has unlocked a rapid growth of its regional countries with Vietnam advancing compared to the rest of the region. As a nation-wide pillar, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) benefits from a thriving economy, supported by a flourishing sector of manufacturing businesses. The government’s foreign investment policies have warmed up the interest of investors on its property market. Large developmental projects like Thu Thiem and transportation infrastructures have aided the property market to inflate. High quality residential properties in HCMC are the new prospects for Hong Kong and international investors.

Golden Emperor Properties hosted a ‘Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Sky Villa Seminar’ the past weekend to privately launch SonKim Land’s Serenity Sky Villas. The projects is a series of elevated villas overlooking the city of Ho Chi Minh. Villas are sold from HK$100M as the most luxurious in all of HCMC. The event received wide support from clients and investors, as many chose their desired units from the project.


2018_03_10 HCMC Sky Villas-41

Photo Above: Golden Emperor Properties Managing Director, Terence Chan, shares his insights into the Vietnam market and upcoming properties.

2018_03_10 HCMC Sky Villas-17

2018_03_10 HCMC Sky Villas-62

2018_03_10 HCMC Sky Villas-25

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