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    ParkCity – The Mansions

    Hanoi, Vietnam

    price from VND 14,500,000,000

    Project Details

    Lê Trọng Tấn, La Khê, Hà Đông, Hà Nội, Vietnam
    50-year ownership with 1-time renewal possibility
    ParkCity Holdings
    August 2020
    3-4 storeys Mansion Villas
    327 – 484 sq.m. (i.e. 3,524 - 5,216 sq.ft.)
    VND 14,500,000,000
    10% down payment
    5% p.a.
    VND 10,000,000 per sq.m (one time payment)
    VND 10,632 per sq.m per month (annual payment)
    • Lap Pool
    • Lounge & Kids Pool
    • BBQ
    • Adventure Play Area
    • Gym
    • Outdoor Fitness Park
    • Multipurpose Hall
    • 24 hr. Security by Guards

    ParkCity Hanoi is designed with the objective of creating a happy and healthy community through the provisions of lush greenery and wide open spaces that promote outdoor physical activity, as well as meeting places for social interaction.

    We strive to be the bridge between the historic city of Hanoi and a modern cosmopolitan lifestyle. Melding the old and the new, ParkCity Hanoi will be imbued with the sense of place, style and tradition that all ParkCity developments share. A prime example is seen in our signature Nadyne Gardens – a prestigious first-of-its-kind sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan Hanoi.

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    As residents of ParkCity Hanoi, you can look forward to a vibrant shopping and dining experience and all the conveniences of The ParkCity Hanoi TownCenter, the commercial hub of this master-planned township, as well as other facilities such as the international school and The ParkCity Club Hanoi.

    Carefully designed to sustain the environment and nourish our residents with natural living, the ParkCity Hanoi Masterplan is a blueprint for holistic, wholesome living anchored upon comprehensive infrastructure and multi-faceted public facilities. Use the ParkCity Map and pay a virtual visit to : Nadyne Gardens, Evelyne Gardens, The ParkCity Club Hanoi, and its distinctive TownCenter.

    In the past 15 years, ParkCity’s innovative ideas, extraordinary vision and impeccable quality have been recognised with a number of awards and accolades.

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    The Project Location – Ha Dong

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    Location Details

    Reservation Process & Payment Terms

    If you are interested to purchase a unit from this development project, you will need to:

    1. Complete a Booking Form
    2. Pay a Booking Fee of HKD 25,000
    3. Pay a deposit of 10% of the purchase price Within 7 days from Booking
    4. Sign Deposit Agreement within 21 days of reservation
    5. Open bank account in Vietnam & pay 10% to Developer and Sign Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA) in Vietnam within 15st June 2018
    6. Pay 10% to Developer within 30th November 2019
    7. Pay 10% to Developer within 31th May 2019
    8. Within 14 days from Handover Notice provide the 45% to developer (estimated Q1-Q2 2020)
    9. Within 14 days from Notice of Pink Book (Ownership Certificate) provide the remaining 5%