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    Nearly 32,000 Vehicles Sold During Bangkok Motor Show

    Orders were placed for a total of 31,896 vehicles during the 43rd Bangkok International Motor Show which ended on Sunday, the organisers said.

    Jaturon Komolmit, chief of operations of the Grand Prix International that organised the show at Bitec Bangna, said bookings increased by 14.4% compared to the 2021 motor show.

    He said a total of 2,040 motorcycles were also booked during the show, an increase of 2%. More than 1.5 million visitors attended the show which opened on March 23.

    He said the top 10 brands of booked vehicles were:

    Toyota: 5,128 vehicles

    Honda: 3,019

    Mazda: 2,906

    Isuzu: 2,594

    Mitsubishi: 2,553

    MG: 2,324

    Suzuki: 2,204

    Mercedes-Benz: 2,102

    Ford: 1,797

    Nissan: 1,620

    Jaturon said Covid-19 did not affect vehicle sales, which means Thais had not lost their purchasing power but the buyers had simply waited for the right timing.

    He said the motor show this year attached more importance to electric vehicles with 20 models on show. He said the subsidy programme of the government boosted bookings of EV vehicles to about 10%t of the total.

    Source: The Nation