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    Ecocapsule Is The $98,000 Mobile Egg You’ll Want To Live Inside

    How do you like your eggs in the morning? Forget boiled or fried, we like ours on wheels.

    Sorry VW campervans, the Ecocapsule is the energy independent mobile home of the moment. And it looks like a sleek space-age egg.

    “The shape, that’s our favorite bit,” Ecocapsule’s Slovakian founder Sona Pohlova tells Forbes.

    “It’s elemental, it’s not complicated, it’s smooth and without unnecessary ugly details,” she explains.

    It’s not just the design of the Ecocapsule that’s caught the world’s imagination, it’s the prospect of towing it to exciting remote locations where you can truly find peace of mind.

    Fancy shacking up on a secluded beach or a mountain outcrop? No problem.

    The Ecocapsule can harvest energy from the sun and wind and collect and process rainwater to be totally self-sufficient.

    Pohlova started Ecocapsule with cofounder Tomáš Žáček in 2014 after entering a stationary, egg-shaped house concept into a design competition with her studio—the Bratislava-based Nice Architects (now Nice & Wise).

    Although she didn’t win, fans of her unusual idea started calling for an Ecocapsule of their own.

    The founder set about raising €750,000 ($920,000) on the Slovakian crowdfunding platform Crowdberry, and turned her initial concept into a smart eco-home on wheels—complete with its own connected app.

    “A lot of people who’ve asked for it have a large plot of land, and want a small accommodation where it’s not possible or permitted to build,” recalls Pohlova.

    “With Ecocapsule you’re living in touch with nature, but you don’t make foundations and you don’t leave a footprint.”

    This January an Ecocapsule was sent to buyers in Toyko, Japan, the first of a limited line of 50 which have been pre-ordered and are due to ship this year.

    Pohlova says that most buyers have been from Australia and the U.S., with Germany and Scandinavia leading the way in Europe.

    Other customers so far have included the green-minded, design fanatics, and free-spirited explorers who love moving around but don’t want to stop for basic amenities.

    Source: Forbes