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    London Tops World Best Cities Ranking

    For another year The World Best Cities 2021 ranking results were published, listing the cities worth living in or visiting this year.

    In the report on the best cities in the world, Resonance Consultancy ranks the best cities with a population of over a million, using a combination of statistical results and quality ratings by locals and visitors in 25 regions grouped into six main categories, including climate, safety level, availability of recreational infrastructure and attractions, availability of educational institutions, airports, restaurants and shops, share of educated residents, income of citizens and popularity on social networks.

    Despite Brexit, London is ranked at the top of the best cities on the planet for the fifth year in a row, so it has always topped it since the rankings started. It stands out mainly for its fresh air, open spaces, its landscapes, as well as its strong advertising and programming.

    London is followed by New York, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo, Dubai, Singapore, Barcelona, Los Angeles and Madrid.

    Rome ranks 11th, St. Petersburg 16th, and after it are Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague. Washington bottoms the list of the top 20.

    There is no Bulgarian city in the top 100, but the ranking includes 3 Balkan cities – Istanbul (21th place), Athens (79th) and Bucharest (91st). Last year the Romanian capital was not in the ranking at all.

    Our beloved city Hong Kong (#42) has made it into top 50 with its unique East-meets-West spirit, diverse food culture and a beautiful mix of cityscapes and natural wonders, where also recognised for its efficiency and remarkable efforts in controlling the spread of Covid-19.