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    Now TV features Hanoi’s latest project & show unit of Park Kiara

    Now TV‘s financial series, “Show House,” recently featured Vietnam Hanoi’s latest project and show unit of Park Kiara, which showcased a unique dual key concept. Now TV also conducted an interview with Perdana ParkCity Chief Marketing Officer, K.C. Chong, who remarked, “the dual key concept is very suitable for investors who wish to rent out the unit. The concept was also designed for families who want a separate and a more private living space.”

    The residence is expected to attract the favor among Vietnam’s middle to upper class beside expat professionals residing in Hanoi. Park Kiara is also located in the center of ParkCity, Hanoi’s city-within-a-city concept.

    To review the episode: https://bit.ly/2MITmhc

    Source:NOW TV