Currency RMB
  • 繁中
  • Country Hong Kong

    The Zen Residence Carlton (Unit no. B.24.05)

    Hanoi, Vietnam

    price from RMB 972,399

    Project Details

    Km 4.4 Phap Van, Yen So ward, Hoang Mai, Hanoi
    50-year leasehold for foreigners
    74.25 sq.m. (799 sq.ft.)
    RMB 972,399
    10% Down Payment
    7% p.a.
    RMB 3 per sq.m per month (annual payment)
    • Library and community area
    • Rooftop gardens
    • Gym and space for yoga and dance activities
    • Dining areas
    • 3,000 sqm shopping malls
    • Outdoor playground
    • Infinity swimming pool
    • Children's play pool


    Landing-22 Landing-21 Landing-20 Landing-23Landing-24 Landing-26 Landing-25 Landing-27 Landing-28

    Our team has spent considerable time studying The Zen Residence. If you are interested, please contact us. We may be able to arrange for one of our sales representatives to give you more information which includes:

    1. Familiarisation with key areas in Hanoi
    2. Hanoi property market updates
    3. Understanding foreign ownership of Vietnam properties
    4. Exploring financing alternatives for foreigners
    5. Buying and selling costs (i.e. taxes, stamp duty and etc)
    6. Leasing and property management services
    7. Specific unit recommendations
    8. Booking process

    Contact us by emailing us at contact@goldenemperor.com or calling us at (852) 3998 3003.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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